The fountain at the end of the universe

The fountain at Cal Plaza (again) and a shot that is only available in the afternoon during these waning days of winter (during the other three seasons the sun is too high in the sky).

Riding off away from the sunset

Sunset from the back of a dual-hull whale-watching boat, off the coast of Santa Barbara. (We were there last month for their whale festival.) Yep, the captain had this baby at full throttle, as you can see from the violent wake. (Apparently, once they've given up on trying to find more whales, they haul ass back to the dock.)

Interestingly, it proves easier to capture this than it is to get a shot of actual whales.

Okay, here you go:
(Take 70 pictures, get one "fluting" shot. There's a reason I don't attempt photography professionally.)

Standing in the shadow of giants

Wells Fargo and KPMG buildings, with the shadow of the US Bank Tower (a.k.a., the Library Tower), the tallest structure between Chicago and Hong Kong (the signs in downtown are remarkably informative).

Oh, and hey, a bunch of bare trees in front of the Y.