Coming clean II

Bar of soap on the windowsill in the bathroom, by the muted sunlight coming in the window. (Same as with the previous post.) For these, however, I played around with setting the white balance for fluourescent, which created a bit more blue tint to the colors.

10 Feb 2009

Coming clean

Bar of soap on the windowsill of the bathroom, through the muted sunlight coming through the screen (see last shot).

10 Feb 2009


Looking down the northern-bound tunnel of L.A.'s Red Line (yes, a subway) from the platform of the Hollywood/Highland station.

17 Apr 2008

On the Boulevard

While I was on Hollywood Blvd. taking the shots of the Oscar setup I also took a moment to capture a few images of the permanent fixtures around the Kodak Theater. Namely, the relief dragon sculpture at Grauman's Chinese, and the tower marquee of the El Capitan Theater (with the sun poking over the roof of the building used by the Jimmy Kimmel show).

20 Feb 2009

Oscar pre-pre-pre-pre-show

Friday morning I took a few minutes as I walked past the Kodak Theater to snap a few shots the setup for the impending 2009 Academy Awards. (I didn't go out of my way; this location I pass several times a week.)

No actual stars spend any time along Hollywood Boulevard except when there's a movie premiere or ceremony, but the town kowtows to those moments. For the Oscars, the entire stretch of the street between Highland and Orange is closed a full week before the show. Traffic is redirected for over 7 days for an event that technically lasts around 4 hours. It takes time to lay red carpet down the middle of the street.

The only thing I really meant to show you was how the red carpet that is laid down the hallway leading into the actual Kodak Theater--which is still open to the public for that week, and not closed until the weekend of the ceremony--is covered with plastic. As though that was some clever Oscar show trivia. So there are a couple pictures of that. But of course I couldn't stop at merely that.

I'll admit up front: There's not much in the way of fabulous photography, but there are pictures of the statues still wrapped in plastic, reporters... uh, reporting, the clear tent over the street, the opaque tent with the big "The Academy Awards" text that you'll see in every aerial shot during the hours leading up to the broadcast, and of course: Porta-Potties.

Never let it be said I don't cover topical things. I just do it my way.

20 Feb 2009

Rocks over the garage

Over a garage of an apartment building down the street is this rock sculpture on the wall with a single bulb, which casts interesting shafts of light at night.

13 Feb 2009


Four Arches sculpture outside 333 South Hope Street in downtown Los Angeles.

(The light illuminating it from the left is actually from a construction crew doing refurbishments to the building.)

16 Jan 2009

Flowers in morn

Flowers and leaves in morning sunlight. (You'd never know this was mere feet from the busy boulevard called La Brea in Hollywood.)

18 Nov 2008

Waffle project - one more

A leftover waffle proved a worthy subject for photography.

(With this one the white balance was a bit different than with the orangish hue it took in these shots. No post-processing whatsoever.)

Also see these black & white shots of the waffle.

16 Nov 2008

Waffle project - monochrome

After breakfast one Sunday morning, I didn't throw out this leftover waffle; I turned it into a model. Lighting provided by sunlight coming in through slots in the kitchen blinds. (For color shots from this, see this post.)

16 Nov 2008

Waffle project - color

After breakfast one Sunday morning, I didn't throw out this leftover waffle; I turned it into a model. Lighting provided by sunlight coming in through slots in the kitchen blinds. (For black & white shots from this, see this post, and one other color shot is here.)

16 Nov 2008