Buy me some peanuts and cactus jack

Succulent. Not at a botanical garden. By the gate outside left field at Dodger Stadium.

Out to the ball game

Dodger Stadium.
The sweep of the upper deck.
Clouds and hills behind the right field pavilion.
Ol' Glory from the parking lot directly behind the bleachers.


Play ball

The Aflac All-American game is an annual exhibition of the nation's best high school baseball players. This year's game was held August 9 at Dodger Stadium. While attending the game, amongst the many photos taken, I practiced capturing these shots of the ball in motion (without any of those super-duper zoom lenses like the professional photogs had).

Swing on this

In mid-July the Australian performance troupe Strange Fruit put on a series of free shows in downtown Los Angeles. Their art involves swaying on fiberglass poles in a choreographed routine that is acrobatics and theater. The quartet tells a humorous love story set to music in a 20-minute show.

Neither my description nor the shots do it justice, but I attempted to capture some moments from their midday performance outside the Bank of America building on July 17.

Swing on this II

As explained in this post, the performance troupe Strange Fruit performed free shows in downtown L.A. in mid-July. These are from their late afternoon performance on July 16.

Oso blooming

Blooming flowers and plants along the trail at Oso Flaco Lake Nature Area.


Pelicans flying low over the ocean.

Trail friend

Lizard by the trail at Oso Flaco Lake Nature Preserve.


Washed ashore

Intertwined strands of kelp that washed on shore at the beach near Oso Flaco Lake, between Guadalupe and Oceano.
And a tight shot of one of the bulbs.


Oso reflected

Reflected in Oso Flaco Lake: reeds*, posts, and cross-braces for the bridge.

* The first one was taken by my talented fiancee.




A grand day out

Central California morning back in June.

What is this in the garden, blending in with the wood chips?

A family of quail, looking for breakfast.

Although I tried to keep my distance and utilize the zoom, they did flee when they saw me. And when the male popped on to the roof of the garage, I was reminded that, despite their proclivity for ground travel, quail can fly.

The female and the chicks scurried under shrubbery, but eventually she emerged to scout an escape.

Slowly they made their way out, pausing just before disappearing down the hill.