University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens

More from last month's trip to the Wolverine State, these shots were taken at U of M's Matthaei Botanical Gardens, specifically in the conservatory on the grounds.

7 Apr 2010

Detroit Institute of the Arts

Selections from a visit to the Detroit Institute of the Arts.
Part of the full-room mural in Rivera Court

Rodin's "Bust of Aime-Jules Dalou"

Cezanne's "The Three Skulls"

Van Gogh's "The Diggers" and "Self-Portrait"

Whistler's "Nocturne on Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket"

Renoir's "Woman in an Armchair"

Rodin's "Head of Honore de Balzac"

Eaton's "The Lily Pond"

Frame and texture on Monet's "Gladioli"

Luciano Fontana's "Concetto Spaziale"

(Yes, that's holes through the canvas.)

Louise Bourgeois' "The Blind Leading the Blind"

Barnett Newman's "Be I (Second Version)"

Jean Arp's "Sinuous Simplicity"

Tyree Guyton's "Rosa Parks, Heidelberg Fragment"

Tyree Guyton's "Caged Brain"

Richard Hunt's "Field Section"

Martin Puryear's "Untitled"

Claes Oldenburg's "Giant Three-Way Plug"

Rodin's "The Thinker"

(On the sidewalk across the street--not in the museum.)

6 Apr 2012