Orange Ranunculus - the end

Back in February I got my wife some ranunculus and photographed them when they were freshly cut, which I posted here. Then two weeks later (yes, the lasted that long), just before we had to throw them out I used them as a subject again. The results are shown below.
26 Feb 2011

Back to Urban Light during daylight

On morning back in late February I happened to be driving through the mid-town part of Los Angeles, with a few minutes to kill, and I realized I was close to LACMA. Of course that brought to mind the Urban Light installation, which I photographed back in 2008, and one of those photos ended up on the cover of a book.

I didn't have a camera with me but I did have my Droid phone, so I pulled over and decided to see how that little lens could do.
Yes, the moon was in the background sky, just like in that cover shot.

24 Feb 2011

Ubiquitous Poppies

Delays on the train this morning made me late for work but it did give me a little while to spot these little guys growing up through the rocks next to the tracks:
California poppies. (Notice those orange blooms.)

It's no coincidence that they're the state flower: they grow everywhere (and can also be seen in these other posts).