The first jacaranda blooms of the spring.*

(For those who missed it, please review last year's jacaranda project.)

Where did I spot this?

Where else? Yes, downtown L.A.

(Yes, that tree is the same one featured in this shot from last year.)

* The first I'd seen, that is; I'm not suggesting this is the first tree to sprout the purple flowers anywhere.

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More of Chavez Ravine

From the upper deck of Dodger Stadium:

In the hills to the north of the stadium.

(Not "Go Blue"--"Think Blue"; apparently it's not a cheer but a philosophy.)

42 was a 4

From the festivities at Dodger Stadium in honor of Jackie Robinson (on the 60th anniversary of his major league debut, back in Brooklyn)

Light in the dark places

Three shots of the same thing:

From directly above, close up.

From a few feet away, to the side.

And from below.

And the best part: You still have no idea what this is, do you?