Flowing and crashing

Aliso Beach in the city of Laguna Beach. The water flowing from the creek hits the incoming surf.

Crashing waves.

On the beach

On the sand of Aliso Beach: seagull feather,
cracked abalone shell,
seagull footprint

Down the creek

At Aliso Beach in Laguna, a creek meets the ocean. These shots are taken along the edge of that creek.

11 Sept 08


The Oasis of Mara is technically outside the border of Joshua Tree National Park, behind the visitor center in Twentynine Palms, but it's still considered part of the park.

It's not as impressive as being in the park, mostly because houses and buildings are visible only a few hundred yards away. But the path around the oasis is paved and very easily walked in a short time. It's certainly worth stopping for at least a few minutes.

Skull Rock

Skull Rock in Joshua Tree National Park: In and around and behind and even under it (and even one shot of it).

10 Sept 08

Yucca'd up

Yucca plants in Joshua Tree National Park.

10 Sept 08

Jumbo Rocks

Shots of boulder formations from Joshua Tree National Park's Jumbo Rocks campground.

(Yes, this fourth shot is zooming in on a portion of the third shot.)

10 Sept 08


Entrance to the Wonderland of Rocks at Joshua Tree National Park.
And a close-up of dead panicle of a Joshua tree.
And indentations in a granite boulder.

Moving rocks

Joshua Tree National Park, boulder formations in the Mojave Desert portion. All these shots were taken out the passenger window of a moving car.

(This fourth one is near the entrance to the Ryan Mountain trail head.)