2011 Rose Parade Floats

On the Wednesday before the Rose Parade we braved the rain in Pasadena and saw the floats still being assembled.

Around Long Beach

Back in November I took a walk around southern Long Beach with the little camera. All these shots were from that stroll, and all feature subjects found in the front yards of houses I passed.

10 Nov 2010

Sweetgum, the finale

Back in the spring I documented the growth progress of these Sweetgum trees in my building's courtyard, as the leaves sprung from buds and grew to their full size. Then in mid-September, with many leaves changing to their autumn colors, I took some more shots of the trees--which proved to be the last I'd get, as in October the trees were cut down. Here are the best from that final shooting.

This one continues a sequence seen in the spring photos.

12 Sept 2010


Sweetgum pod and pine cone, having fallen from their respective trees.

10 Oct 10

Around Portland

Closing out the Oregon trip (only two months after it ended), here's some general shots around Portland.
Made in Oregon sign

Yes, Matt Groening got names for Simpsons characters from Portland streets. This is in Chinatown.

Flower from someone's front yard.

Art on side of buiding: Sunspot, by Brian Borrello.

Art on side of buiding on Belmont St.

Fliers on power pole, Belmont St.

Wall of old rail tracks at Tanner Springs Park.

Closeup of insect etching on glass between the rusty rails.

Wetland in Tanner Springs Park.

Cover for bus stop next to the park.

Steel Bridge (not merely what it is, but its name)
22 Aug 2010