San Diego Zoo: Hippos go for another dip

At the San Diego Zoo, the mother and calf hippo go for a dip. (The photos of them last year can be seen here.)

31 Mar 2012

Butterfly Jungle at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Another year at the Butterfly Jungle at the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park (see last year's shots in these posts).
Common Blue Morpho

Zebra Longwing

Gulf Fritillary

Grecian Shoemaker

Giant Owl

Belus Swallowtail

Yeah, I got a little passenger.

Tailed Jay

31 Mar 2012

Gorillas in San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Although we weren't visiting the San Diego Zoo Sarari Park for them, we had to spend some time with the gorillas (including the baby, Monroe).

31 Mar 2012

More gorilla shots can be seen here.