Hummingbird, part IV (mom and the babies)

Concluding the series of shots of the hummingbird nest in our condo complex. These were taken one day after the previous post.
Here the two babies in the nest cry out for their mother (who my wife dubbed Dolores).
There she is.
8 May 2010

Hummingbird, part III (more with the babies)

More shots of the hummingbird nest in this tree in our condo complex. Here the two newborns await the return of their mother.
There's Dolores!
It's feeding time.
She is not exactly gentle, but it appears they can handle it.
In case you're wondering, those dark spots on the leaves are... what you think they are. According to World of Hummingbirds, the babies are born nest-trained (so to speak); they won't do that in the nest.
If you're wondering how they're safe when mom isn't around, here's a wide shot of the tree. Can you spot the nest?
7 May 2010

Hummingbird, part II

Following up on the previous post, here's the hummingbird's nest a little over two weeks later.
What's this? The nest is unattended but there's only fuzz where the eggs were.
No, wait! That fuzz is the baby hummingbirds. They've hatched!
The babies get fed from their mother (Dolores).Their eyes aren't open yet at this point, so they just open their mouths when they sense she's returned.
She really gets her beak down their throats.
2 May 2010


One recent morning my wife was leaving for work and I was about to head out for my morning workout, but as we walked toward the stairs I took her on a detour to the other side of our condo's courtyard, past this umbrella tree.
Can you spot the point of interest?
Yes, it's a hummingbird in the nest.
Suffice it to say, I blew off my workout and (with my wife's urging) went and got the camera.
And for just a couple minutes she left, so here we get a glimpse of the tiny eggs.
My wife has named her Dolores.
13 Apr 2010