Around Portland

Closing out the Oregon trip (only two months after it ended), here's some general shots around Portland.
Made in Oregon sign

Yes, Matt Groening got names for Simpsons characters from Portland streets. This is in Chinatown.

Flower from someone's front yard.

Art on side of buiding: Sunspot, by Brian Borrello.

Art on side of buiding on Belmont St.

Fliers on power pole, Belmont St.

Wall of old rail tracks at Tanner Springs Park.

Closeup of insect etching on glass between the rusty rails.

Wetland in Tanner Springs Park.

Cover for bus stop next to the park.

Steel Bridge (not merely what it is, but its name)
22 Aug 2010


A few shots from around the house of the friend we visited in Portland. (Who says one needs to visit tourist attractions to find subjects?)

22 Aug 2010

Pittock Mansion

In the hills above Portland sits Pittock Mansion, former home of newspaper owner Henry Pittock.
The grounds are open to the public and showcase many flowers in a garden originally started by his wife, Georgiana.

Rosa 'Beebop' (according to the sign)

View of downtown Portland

One of Portland's many bridges over the Willamette River--the Ross Island Bridge (I believe)

Black-eyed Susan

Coral Drift

Cardinal Flower


22 Aug 2010