Zion: The Narrows (part 3), Wall Street

Concluding the day hike in Zion's the Narrows, this post covers the portion from the Orderville Canyon junction up through the area known as Wall Street--so called for the height of the walls relative to the small width of the canyon. This was definitely the most challenging portion of the hike (especially considering at the turnaround point it's then four miles all the way back).

5 July 2012

Zion: The Narrows (part 2), Orderville Canyon

After a few hours of hiking Zion National Park's the Narrows (the "bottom-up" day hike) one gets to the junction of Orderville Canyon. We took it as a little detour before going up Wall Street, and after scrambling around some obstacles found a secluded pool about a mile down near Veiled Falls.

5 July 2012

Zion: The Narrows (part 1)

Not officially a trail in Zion National Park, the hike through the Virgin River (literally walking in the river, stepping on stones) starting at the end of the Riverwalk Trail is known as "The Narrows" for the narrow width of the canyon relative to the height of the canyon walls.

This set covers from the Gateway to the Narrows to the Orderville Junction, along the "bottom-up" day hike.

5 July 2012