Look what popped up

Some wild California poppies growing in a field (as of March 27).

Growing where?
In the wilds of... downtown Los Angeles. (Specifically on the hill next to 4th and Hill.)


Bee pollinating (or whatever it does) amongst rosemary.

A rose by any other name



From my step-mom's garden.



Down by the water

Near Pismo Beach, where these wetlands are separated from the ocean by the dunes.



Stacked tiles.

File under flora

A succulent cactus,
Birds of paradise,
And... let's go with... California poppies.

(The first two were in the garden, but the last was growing wild in a field.)


Up on down

A couple shots from the southern part of downtown L.A., 3/21.
The backside of the Orpheum Theatre.
A hotel on 8th street.


Sweet gum tree buds forming, beginning of spring, 3/21/08.
(This is the same tree last seen in this post from January.)

Night leaves

All these shots of these leaves lit by a parking lot light have not been adjusted on the computer. This is how they came out when shooting; only settings on the camera were changed. (That's not implying that I tend to do a lot of "post-production" tweaking, because I don't, but these I specifically left as is.)

This is the city

On display outside Pershing Square on St. Patrick's Day was a police car from the '50s. This is its siren.

Not easy being green

Shots from St. Patrick's Day at Pershing Square in downtown L.A., specifically the fountain that gets dyed green in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. Or something.