Watching the descent

Hollywood/Highland station for L.A.'s red line:
Down the second set of escalators (yes, it goes down that deep) the wall is decorated with these eyes cast on the wall from the lights hung overhead.


Just taking a moment to alert you that I have been accepted into the LAist Featured Photos group, and have started contributing shots which can be seen here and (for the moment) here.

Yes, any shots good enough for them will be good enough for this site, and this site features more than will be included there, so there's really no reason for you to go there if you know about here, but not everyone knows about here.

New star... I think

Work is underway on a new mural on the side of Hollywood High School.

No, I can't tell who it is.

I'm sure I'll feel really stupid when I figure it out.

High on this

Photos from Hollywood and Highland Center unrelated to the Idol nonsense...

(Yes, this is the same as the top picture, only from a higher vantage point.)


What's this? Bright lights...

people with microphones...

Could it be?

Getting around the foilage, we find... entertainment reporters!

Where would such reporters be? Where else but the Hollywood and Highland Center...

Because standing outside the Kodak Theater for the American Idol finale lends authenticity to the report... even if all the viewer can see is the huge Idol banner behind them.

Eh, it allows them to claim they're next to the Kodak without lying.

Easy shooting green

The Jim Henson Company campus on La Brea Ave. in Hollywood.
Notice the spotlight with silhouette on the roof next to the spire with Kermit.

(Yes, extended exposure allows in more light, including passing headlights and taillights.)

More, um, you know, trees

Putting a new twist on the jacaranda-obsessive photos...

If you wondered what jacaranda blooms would look like atop a palm tree trunk, it might look like this:

And then you should really find some way to occupy your time so you don't wonder such things.

Home body

This evening, pictures taken around the condominium complex where I live.

The light on the building next to mine, and the tree right outside my bedroom window.

That tree and light from inside the aforementioned bedroom.

In the courtyard:

Why is the night sky orange? Illumination from the Long Beach harbor.

(No one in the western part of town needs a night light.)

Hoops in bloom

A back yard in the Valley is a place for the kids to shoot some hoops, and for a garden.

Checkered past...

Mid-afternoon sun poking over the Pacific Financial Center building (in downtown L.A.), and reflected back on to the building (off of the building to the northeast, the City National Plaza tower) creating this checkered light-and-shadow pattern.


Shots taken of what could be seen of the wildfire in Griffith Park from the front porch of my girlfriend's apartment building (about four miles away):

The orange glow of the flames illuminates the thick smoke.

Not quite as dramatic, but in somewhat better focus.


Focus on jacaranda trees yet to have the flowers bloom:

Prior to the purple blossoms, these pods appear on the branches.

Close-up on the leaves.