Hanging from the tree

Merry Christmas... or Boxing Day now. These are a few shots from our festivities yesterday.


Within minutes of my fiancée finishing decorating the tree, I was at it with the camera. (All were taken hand-held, so it was a matter of a steady hand in the low light.)

Up in arms

Some people take pictures of people on Thanksgiving. Some people take pictures of the turkey. I took these shots of the arm of a chair in the host's living room. I presume it was antique.

It's real

As usual I'm not sure as to the name of this type of tree, but some of its leaves seem almost too smooth to be real, but they are.


The five-pointed leaves of an American Sweetgum tree showing their autumn colors. (Not a lot of trees in Southern California have leaves that change in this manner.)
(So, yes, these are shots of the same trees as the last post, just focused on the leaves more than the fruit.)

19 Nov 08

Spikey in Autumn

These spiky pods are the fruit of American Sweetgum trees (which, apparently, are known as "gumballs," amongst other nicknames), as they look with the leaves showing their autumn colors and the pods start to reach... fruition.
(As seen in this post from back in January, within a few months they'll be hollowed.)

19 Nov 08

Come in

The Roosevelt building in downtown Los Angeles was re-vamped into condos. That I'll never afford (if I actually wanted to live downtown). But because it's built over the downtown train station I pass right by the garage, and that's what these shots are: the textured walls of the garage entrace (taken from outside, back in August, when it was still under construction).