G.O. by moonlight--er, by some light

Walking around the exterior of the Griffith Observatory...

Love a rocket

After all the shots of earth's satellite I've taken, I feel as though I need to include this moon (which was a bit easier to shoot) inside the Griffith Observatory.

And here's the earth; I never get a chance to shoot it from this angle in real life.


Setting sun below the clouds. In the shot on the left, there's Hollywood in the foreground.

Do the astro

Astronomers Monument, on the grounds of Griffith Observatory, at sunset and after dark.

Following the city

Downtown Los Angeles... and a big cloud! (Run for your lives, Angelinos!)

Send in the clouds

Clouds as viewed from around the hills (around the observatory).


Rebel with a bust (egad--did I really title this that?)

It's fairly common knowledge that part of Rebel Without a Cause was filmed at Griffith Observatory. And it's not exactly a secret that there's a bust of James Dean on the grounds of the observatory commemorating that connection.

With these two shots of said bust, notice how in the relative size of the background (the Hollywood sign and transmission tower) to the size of the bust shrinks from the shot at the right to the shot below.

Behold the glory the zoom.


At the Griffith Observatory, in the "Gottlieb Transit Corridor"; had it been a sunny day this would have been focusing the sun's rays, but it was still interesting after the rain:

Popping up

More unidentified buds growing on a tree of some sort.


On some other trees in the courtyard of the building there's no leaves but these spikey pods.

(If you have any idea what these trees are named, please leave a comment. I'm not as much of a tree expert as I would like.)

UPDATE: I have been led to believe these may be from a sweet gum tree. Quite possible.

Down the line

A palm bush about 50 feet from my front door in the building's courtyard.

After the rain

A series of shots focusing on using manual focus to capture these raindrops on the tree leaves outside my patio. (Absolutely no auto-focus with any of these.)
(The aperture and exposure were also manual, but hey, big deal, right?)

Tunnel, facing east (mostly)

From the west end of the 2nd Street tunnel (the other end of the tunnel here).

The entrance at this end has a pattern of increasingly curved sections, forming a sort of staircase design on either side, leading into the tunnel.

Facing back toward the entrance where the curved sections are barely curved.

Down in it

Unaltered shots of a pothole on Flower St. in downtown L.A.:

The future beckons

Right off the 101 freeway in downtown L.A. this unusually shaped structure is under construction:

When first I saw it I figured it must be a museum or some crazy condo (every other building is). Still, even without knowing its coming purpose, it struck me as a worthwhile subject, so I got into downtown a bit early one morning and took some shots.

Both from a distance and then up a bit closer.

And around on the Grand Avenue side where these round windows could be seen.

And after I had done that I looked into what the building was to be. When finished it will be... Los Angeles Unified School District Central High School #9.
But the design makes more sense calling it the High School for the Visual and Performing Arts.

(Images of how it will look can also be found here.)