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From a day driving around Kaua'i...
Ranch entrance on the road to Wailua Falls

Auto graveyard on hillside along Maalo Road

Stream leading into Kalihiwai Bay

Falls near Kalihiwai Bay

Road to the trail to Secret Beach

Nene (geese) by the road near Kilauea Lighthouse

Clouds from Kapa'a

King Kong from Kapa'a Beach
23 Aug 2012

Kauai: Glass Beach

In the industrial town of Hanapepe on the southern part of Kaua'i, this piece of the shore is called Glass Beach for the simple reason the sand is mixed with tiny bits of glass from discarded bottles.

22 Aug 2012

Kauai: Stream near Waimea Canyon

On Kaua'i, by the side of the road leading up to Waimea Canyon, a stream cascades down this area of red dirt. We pulled over and ambled around to get some shots.

(That's me up there.)

22 Aug 2012

Kauai: Waimea Canyon

The so-called "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," Waimea Canyon cuts along the western portion of Kaua'i. Being the wettest spot on earth, it also gets a lot of clouds.

Winding road leading up the mountain.

Starting at the top, this is the Kalalau Valley from Pu'u o Kila lookout.

Minutes later, the clouds roll in.

Turning around, here's the canyon. (Really, it's behind those clouds.)

Down to the Pu'u Himahina lookout, it's a little better.

Farther down, Waimea Canyon lookout is clear.

One of the ubiquitous Kaua'i chickens wanders by the parking lot.

22 Aug 2012