Zion: Riverwalk Trail

(From back in July) In Zion National Park, the road ends at the Temple of Sinawava, which is a beginning of a nice paved path called the Riverwalk Trail (because it goes along the Virgin River), leading to the Narrows.

Deer eating right next to the trail.

5 July 2012

Kaua'i: Snorkeling at Ha'ena Beach

Taken by my wife in the choral and fish-filled waters just offshore at Ha'ena Beach.

21 Aug 2012

Kaua'i: Kalalau Trail (a little bit)

Next to Ke'e Beach at the end of the road as far as you can go by auto on the north shore, one finds the head for Kalalau Trail, which one can take along the side of the coastal mountains to some otherwise inaccessible valleys and waterfalls.
Tree down by the parking lot.

The trail starts out steep.

We got up to this viewpoint after about half a mile. Then we decided we didn't feel like more climbing in the hot sun, and went back down to snorkel.

21 Aug 2012

Kaua'i: Spouting Horn

On the south side of the island, the lava tube known as Spouting Horn shoots the incoming tide high into the air.

20 Aug 2012